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AP15: How to Use

How do I use my AP15 Audio Processor?
To... Do This...
Use the headset Wear the headset and press the headset/handset button until the indicator is green
Use the handset Press the headset/handset button until the indicator is off
Adjust the AP15 for compatibility with your telephone If your telephone has a volume control, set it to mid-range. Then, while wearing the headset, remove handset from telephone cradle and listen for a clear dial tone. If you do not hear a clear, crisp dial tone, slide the compatibility switch on the bottom of the AP15 through positions A - F until you hear a clear dial tone. Note: Trying different settings for the best sound will not harm your telephone or the AP15.
Make a call while wearing the headset Lift the handset from the telephone. Press the headset/handset button if the indicator is not already green. Note: If the call is not clear, try changing the compatibility switch. If necessary, adjust the speaking and/or listening volume to select the best performance.
Receive a call Lift the handset from the telephone cradle.
Disconnect a call Return the handset to the telephone cradle.
Increase the volume* Press the + button
Decrease the volume* Press the - button
Adjust the headset speaking volume During a call, slide the speaking volume switch on the bottom of the unit from position 1 (quietest) to position 9 (loudest) until the caller can hear you at the same level as with the handset.
Adjust the tone During a call, press the tone copntrol button on the front end of the AP15 to select the preferred sound. Note: The tone control button has three settings.
Mute While wearing the headset, press the mute button. The mute indicator will be orange.
Unmute Press the mute button again. The mute indicator will be off.
  • If the listening volume is set too high, the listening clarity may be affected.
  • If you hear your own voice too loudly, reduce the volume setting on the telephone.
  • Use the volume control on the AP15 not the phone to adjust to a comfortable listening level.