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E10 Product Information

E10 Adapter

The economic solution for carbon-based ACD systems that support the RNA (Rep. Not Available) feature.
The E10 will only work with carbon-based ACD telephones that have a RNA (Rep not available) feature.

You connect the E10 with any H top to the phone with a modular connector.  If the headset is disconnected from the E10  (QD Unplugged) the phone will recognize this and place the rep in an unavailable status and you will not receive any calls until the QD is connected again.
  • Mute switch and recessed volume control positioned for easy access
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) cable
  • Representative Not Available (RNA) Feature
  • Supports  H-Series headsets
  • Volume Control (transmit & receive)
  • Mute Feature
Part Numbers
  • 42598-01 - US and Canada
  • 42598-03 - Australia and New Zealand
In the Box
  • E10 amp
  • Phone cable
  • QD cord
  • User Guide
  • Belt Clip
  • Screwdriver for volume adjustments