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Date de dernière modification: 08/11/2022
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Voyager 510S/510SL/510SL+: Headset Controls

The Voyager 510 headset (also packaged with the 510S, 510SL, and 510-USB products) comes with a power/mute button, volume controls (+ and -), and a call answer/end button. V510s.PNG If you have the 510S or 510SL, then there are also volume controls and a call answer/end feature on the charging base. Holding the power mute button in for a few seconds will turn the unit on or off. A short press to this same button will temporarily mute your voice, and another short press will disable the mute feature. The headset will sound 2 tones every 30 seconds while muted. Click here   to view an Interactive Guide that illustrates these features.