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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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CS50-USB/CS60-USB: Indicator Lights

Red LED on left of base This indicates your charging status
  • Red light is off indicates the headset is in the base, fully charged. 
  • Red light is dimly lit indicates your headset is not in the charging base.  
  • Red light is brightly lit indicates that your headset is currently charging.
Green LED on right of base This indicates the status of the connection between the headset and the base. 
  • On and solid indicates the link is down (not in use)
  • Blinking slowly indicates the RF link is up and running as normal.
  • Blinking fast indicates that your mute button is on. 
  • Off/Out - This light should never be off when powered from an AC adapter. If powered from a USB connection, the light may turn off when the USB interface is powered down (controlled by the computer).