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Bluetooth Headsets: Date Code Location

Headsets are listed in alphabetical order. Date Codes consist of one letter and one number (e.g., A9). BackBeat 903/906 The two digit Date Code on this headband is located on the left side, which also has the on/off switch. Look at the inside surface (facing your ear) and you will see a printed "CE". Above the CE are four lines of very small print. The Date Code is on the third line. BackBeat 903+ NOTE: In the example below, the Date Code is the letter I and the number 0. Discovery 600 Series (610, 640, 640E, 645, 655, and 665) Discovery 925/975 Image   Explorer 210, 220, 230, 320, 330, 340, 350, and 390   Explorer 360/370 Image   M100 Date Code location for the M100 M1100 Date Code location for the M1100 M2500 M3000/M3500 Pulsar 260   Pulsar 590A/590E     Pulsar Universal Adapter   Voyager 510/510s Voyager 510 Date Code Location Voyager 815/855   Voyager 835 Image   Voyager Pro/Voyager Pro + Image