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Article ID: 000044578
Date de dernière modification: 12/09/2021
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Telepresence m100 logs may not accurately reflect the current software revision

Polycom Telepresence m100 logs may not accurately reflect the current software revision.  The logging generated by the Telepresence m100 always shows version, regardless of which version the system is running. 
Steps to Reproduce:
  1.      Launch Telepresence m100 2.      Select Menu -> About Polycom Telepresence m100.      
3.      In this example, the Telepresence m100 is currently running version
4.      Go to Menu -> Preferences -> Statistics -> Log -> Save Log
5.      Enter a location to save the log file and choose Save
6.   Navigate to the saved log file and open the file. When reviewing the SysInformation.log file, you may see a display similar to below:
Additional Observation:
  • Installer version shows 1.0.0 and not the correct version.
  • When reviewing the m100.log and/or the m100.log.1 file, you may see the version being reported here is also 1.0.0.
  • This incorrect version will also be reported to the far end in a video call or when analyzing packet traces containing call data. 
Accurate software version now appears with in the SysInformation log in version 1.0.6. m100.logs will continue to show 1.0 regardless of the specific version installed.
REFERENCE:  SR# 1-307272336 / DSTC-1281