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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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SoundStation Premier: Specifications of the Satellites AUX Audio port

Signal levels are the same for the AUX I/O jack on the SoundStation Wall Module, SoundStation Premier Wall Module, and the Satellite. "AC" refers to frequencies between 200Hz and 3kHz.
The following all refers to the AUX I/O signal unless otherwise stated.

When acting as an input, the AC impedance is >20k.
When acting as an output, the AC impedance is < 5000ohms.

The signal has a DC impedance of 36K to +15V. Because of this, we recommend that connections to AUX I/O be AC-coupled, and that any external capacitor polarity take account of this +15V bias.

Path Gain, Input: 400 mV RMS (-5.7 dBm) at AUX I/O produces 480 mV (-4 dBm) RMS nominal at Tip/Ring into 600 ohms.
Path Gain, Output: 340 mV RMS (-7 dBm) at Tip/Ring produces 400 mV RMS (-5.7 dBm) nominal at AUX I/O.

For reference, saturation on the phone line is 0 dBm, and maximum sustained signal generally allowable is about -9 dBm (which is very loud).All software versions.