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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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Telepresence m100 Preferences cannot be changed

The Polycom® Telepresence m100 preferences can be viewed, but all of the options are grayed out and cannot be changed.   1)  Run the Telepresence m100 with administrator rights to the local host machine.
  • Windows XP - Right-click on the program icon, select "Run As..." and enter the administrator credentials
  • Windows Vista/7 - Right-click on the program icon, select "Run As Administrator" and enter the credentials if prompted
2)  Make sure the Telepresence m100 settings are not configured to restrict access to application preferences.
  • Go to Menu > Preferences
  • Select "Locks" to expand, then click on "Page Access"
  • Make sure none of the listed options have a check next to them.