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Date de dernière modification: 08/25/2022
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Where to find information on VVX 101 and VVX 201

Learn more about the VXX 101 and VVX 201 Business Media Phones.   MARKETING PAGE (Overview, Technical Benefits and User Benefits) SUPPORT PAGE (Download, User Documents, and Setup and Maintenance Documents) DATA SHEETS: GENERAL INFORMATION: Orderable SKUs are:
  • 2200-40250-001: VVX 101,DESKTOP PHONE,NA
  • 2200-40250-025: VVX 101,DESKTOP PHONE,POE
  • 2200-40450-001: VVX 201,DESKTOP PHONE,NA
  • 2200-40450-025: VVX 201,DESKTOP PHONE,POE
SW version, download: UCS v5.4.0 (or higher) is the minimum software version needed for VVX 101 / VVX 201 Business Media Phones