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How to activate RPRM (RealPresence Resource Manager) How to License RPRM (RealPresence Resource Manager)

If your RealPresence® Resource Manager instance does not have direct access to the Internet, you can log into the Polycom Licensing Center from a computer that does have internet access and then use the offline process to activate the license. With the offline process, you can download a license file from the Licensing Center and then upload it to you RealPresence® Resource Manager system.
Activate the Available Licenses After setting up RealPresence® Resource Manager as your license server, you must activate the available licenses. You can manage licenses for individual components of your RealPresence systems after those components have been added to the system. Note: Before activating your license, ensure that you select the correct time zone and that your system time is the standard time in your time zone. Otherwise, the system cannot activate the license. Go to  Admin > Server Settings > System Time to configure your system time. Procedure
  1. On the Polycom Licensing Center View Server page, click Map Add-Ons to show a list of available units for features your organization has purchased, as shown next.

  1. In the Qty to Add a column for the available licenses, enter the number to allocate to the RealPresence® Resource Manager instance.
  2. Click Map Add-Ons to allocate the licenses.
    View Server page returns, displaying a list of the server's licenses. The status for newly-allocated licenses is License not generated. A license must be generated (activated on the component) to allow the corresponding system component to operate within your RealPresence environment.
  3. If you allocated too many license add-on units to this RealPresence® Resource Manager instance and want to remove some, click Remove Add-Ons.
    Remove Add-Ons page lists the license add-ons available on this instance.
  4. In the Quantity to Remove field of the add-ons you want to change, enter the number of units to remove and click Remove Add-Ons.
    View Server page returns, displaying a list of the server's licenses. The status for licenses with newly-removed units is Copies decreasing. The removed licenses must be deactivated within your RealPresence® Resource Manager system.
  5. If your RealPresence® Resource Manager instance does not have access to the internet, click Download Capability Response to download a local copy of the license file.
    This download allows you to manage your licenses offline. Note the location of the license file when you download it to your local computer. You will upload this file to the RealPresence® Resource Manager system to activate the licensing.
    If your RealPresence® Resource Manager system has access to the internet, you must use the online method to license the system and its components. The offline method for managing licenses is not an option when internet access is available

  1. Return to the RealPresence Resource Manager License Setup page, and do one of the following:
  • Click Online if your virtual environment has access to the Internet and can use the online method for managing licenses.
  • Click Offline if your virtual environment does not have access to the Internet and therefore requires the use of the offline, file-based method for managing licenses. Prompts guide you through the offline update process using the license file you previously downloaded from the Polycom Licensing Center.
    Note: If you work in Hyper-V environment offline mode, before activating the license, you need to disable the time synchronization between the Hyper-V guest and the Hyper-V host to ensure successfully license activation.
  1. Click Update to complete the license activation process.
    A successful activation produces an active license notation. After you click 
    Update, it may take up to 30 minutes to activate the license, and you may need to refresh the browser window.
    After you have successfully activated your license, the full RealPresence® Resource Manager menu and dashboard become available for managing the system and its components.