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How to Park a Call on the VVX 600 Series [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

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  This video shows you how to park calls on VVX 600 series phones. NOTES:
  • This process may differ between call servers and device configurations.
  • This demonstration uses a Broadsoft call server, which means the park and retrieve codes are *68 and *88 respectively.
  • We will cover both the enhanced call park and standard call park configurations in this video.
  1. Establish a call.
  2. Press the Hold button.
  3. Dial *68.
  4. Enter the extension number of the line you want to park the call on, then press #.
    • You can also park the call on the phone’s active extension by pressing only the # key.
  5. When retrieving your call, you need to know if you do or do not have enhanced call park enabled.
    • ENABLED:
      1. Your line registration will display an icon to indicate a parked call.
      2. Long-press on the line to get more details and an option to retrieve the parked call.
    • NOT ENABLED (or you want to retrieve a call parked on an extension which you are not monitoring):
      1. Dial *88 and enter the extension, followed by #.
        • To retrieve any calls parked on the phone’s active extension, you can simply press #.