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Article ID: 000060430
Date de dernière modification: 12/08/2021
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VVX450 with Obi Wifi Dongle has soft audio clipping

Software versions affected:,
Phone platforms affected: VVX450
Call server and version: BroadSoft Pre-Configuration:
1. VVX450 in Generic Mode
2. VVX450 connected to Wifi using Obihai Wifi Dongle Steps:
1. From VVX450 on Wifi, call any other VVX phone to generate media.
2. VVX450 receives audio, audio being received by VVX450 on Wifi has soft sound clipping tones. Expected Results:
VVX450 on Wifi has should not have any audio clipping. Observed Results:
VVX450 on Wifi has soft audio clipping tones. Attachments:
64167fb52836_VVX450_11-06-2020_09-22.pbu (data from customer)
app (Dongle).log (data from customer)
app (Wired).log (data from customer)
IMG_6610(Wired).MOV (data from customer)
IMG_6611(WIFI-Dongle).MOV (data from customer)
app(Tier 3 Logs).log (From PGS)
This bug has been fixed on Hot Fix version