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Article ID: 000060429
Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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(VVX450 Obi) Setting option "Use SRTP when possible" results in no audio

Software versions affected:
Phone platforms affected: VVX450 Obi Edition Pre-Configuration:
1. Use SRTP When Possible Steps:
1. VVX450 Obi calls PSTN number via FreeSwitch server
2. Initial INVITE and 200 OK happens fine and media (Opus) flows bidirectionally, without SRTP as far end doesn’t support media encryption
3. PSTN party sends SIP Update with SDP to remove “Allow Events” header (This isn’t the problem yet)
4. VVX450 responds with 200 OK but SDP body does not contain Opus without SRTP, only an “M” line for Opus WITH SRTP, this causes the far end to stop sending media to the VVX450 since it cannot encode media. (This is the problem) Expected Results:
The 200 OK from VVX450 in response to SIP Update should contain an “M” line without the “a=crypto” parameter as well. In Other words, this 200 OK SDP body should be exactly the same as the SDP offer from the first INVITE message. Observed Results:
The 200 OK from VVX450 in response to SIP update doesn’t include Opus without SRTP.
This has been determined to be a bug and a fix has been issued under HF