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[VIDEO] How to Subscribe or Pair a CS50/CS55/CS60 Series Headset to the Base

How do I subscribe a headset to the base on my CS50, CS55, or CS60?
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Click on the image above to see a video on how to subscribe a headset to the CS50/CS55/CS60 base.

The headset and base unit are subscribed to each other out of the box; however, if you want to use a replacement headset with your base unit, you will have to run the subscription process in order for the base unit to recognize the headset. To Subscribe a Headset to the Base:
  1. Disconnect the AC adapter from the base a few seconds and then re-connect it.
  2. Return the headset to the charging base.
  3. Press and hold both the + and - buttons on the back of the charging base until the red light on the front of the base starts to flash.  Let go of both buttons.  The red light should continue to flash.

    CS55 volume buttons
  4. Push in the mute button (see below) until a green light appears on the headset, then release the button.  The devices are successfully subscribed when the green light on the headset goes out and the red light on the base unit stops blinking.

    CS55 mute button