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S10/S11/S12: Troubleshooting

I hear a hum in the headset of the S10, S11 or S12.
I hear a hum in the headset
  • Adjust the compatibility slide switch until the sound is clear.
  • Try other switch settings (It will not harm the headset or your phone).
  • Try installing on in another location, if the hum is still present you may need to replace the unit
Low incoming Volume You can adjust the "Listen" volume control, on the top of your base. The "Tone" dial on the base will also affect what you hear. If your telephone has a volume control on it, you can also use that to further adjust your speaker volume. Callers cannot hear my voice There are a few things that may be causing this.
  • Make sure the mute button is turned off.
  • Increase the outgoing volume by adjusting the speak volume control.
  • Adjust microphone so it is closer to your mouth.
  • Check the configuration setting to be sure it's on the correct setting
  • Check to be sure the unit has been installed correctly.
  • Install instructions for the S10, S11 & S12.
No Dial Tone
  • Make sure all cable connections are correct and firmly in place. Pay special attention that the handset cord is properly connected.
  • Ensure the Ac power adapter is connected and the power is on.
  • Make sure you have pressed the headset button and the headset indicator is on.
  • Make sure the telephone's handset is off-hook. Adjust listen volume control.
  • Adjust the compatibility slide switch.
  • Ensure that the headset is centered on your ear.