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Date de dernière modification: 08/15/2022
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CS50/CS55 Troubleshooting: Headset Not Working with Base Unit

My Headset doesn't Work with the Base Unit
  • Check that the phone is connected to the base unit's phone cord and it is pushed in firmly.
  • Check that the phone handset is connected to the base's phone handset jack and it is pushed in firmly.
  • The headset may be out of range of the base.  Move closer to the base unit until the headset is within range.  Range varies with office environment.
  • The headset battery may be dead.  Recharge the battery by placing the headset in the headset charging cradle.
  • The listening volume may be too low.  Press the volume up button on the headset.  If the volume is still too low, select another listening volume major adjust switch setting.
  • You may have an incorrect configuration dial setting for your phone.  Try other configuration dial settings on the base unit.  Ensure the selected number is in line with the position indicator.
  • You may have to resubscribe your headset with the base.