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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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CS50/CS60-USB Troubleshooting: Beeps

What type of audible warnings does the CS50/CS60-USB use?
Out of Range: If you are about to go beyond the headset's range, you will hear two beeps in the headset.  If you ignore this alert and walk completely out of range, a triple beep will sound in the headset and any active call will be suspended. On returning within range, a single beep will sound and the call will be re-established. If you remain out of range for more than 15 minutes, the system will drop the call permanently. If using a compatible softphone, the call will be terminated. Mute: If the mute button has been pressed, a double beep will sound every 15 seconds. Low Battery: When the headset battery is running low (approximately 5 minutes talk time remaining), an audible warning will be heard through the headset as a single beep every 10 seconds. Soon after hearing this warning, the headset should be recharged. Headset Not Paired to Base: If a headset is not correctly subscribed to a base unit, a warning alert of three beeps will sound when the talk button is pressed, and no link will be made between the headset and the base unit. This beep will continue to be heard when the button is pressed until the headset is subscribed to the base unit.