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Date de dernière modification: 06/07/2021
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C65: How to make or receive a call

How do I make or receive a call with the C65?
This is a regional specific product and is not available in the United States or Canada. 1. Initiate a call by dialing using you telephone keypad and wait for the call to connect. You can then continue your call using the handset or transfer the call to the headset. 2. To take the call on the headset, follow the instructions in your DECT telephone manual for transferring a call to another registered handset and select the internal extent ion identifier for the headset as the transfer destination device. 3. The ring tone will then sound in the headset. PRESS the headset TALK button to complete the transfer, and continue with your call using the headset. * The headset internal identifier is assigned during the registration process, but can normally be modified if desired. Consult your DECT telephone manual for more information.