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Date de dernière modification: 08/01/2022
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Voyager Edge: How to Update the Firmware

Plantronics Hub enables you to update the firmware on your Plantronics Voyager Edge headset. In addition, Plantronics Hub enables you to configure certain options for your headset, such as the preferred language for voice prompts and commands.

Please follow these steps to download Plantronics Hub software on your Computer System to update the headset firmware:
1. Go to
2. Click on your operating system (Windows/Mac) to download Plantronics Hub Desktop. 
3. Once the setup has downloaded on your computer, you will need to run the setup and agree to the Terms & Conditions, then a Plantronics Hub icon will be created on your desktop.
4. Connect your headset to your computer using the USB cable/Charging Cable provided with the headset and open the Plantronics Hub software. You will find an update for the respective headset on Hub. Plantronics Hub will automatically detect your Bluetooth device once connected. (if not, then restart your PC/MAC and try again).
5. Update the firmware using the update button on Hub (use a USB port on your desktop/Laptop while updating the firmware). The updated version will show after successful completion of the firmware update.