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Date de dernière modification: 12/09/2021
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VoiceStation 100: REC Audio Port Specifications

Signal levels are the same for the REC jack on the VoiceStation Wall Module, "AC" refers to frequencies between 200Hz and 3kHz. The following all refers to the REC signal unless otherwise stated:
  • Output: the AC impedance is < 5000ohms.
  • The signal has a DC impedance of 36K to +15V. Because of this, we recommend that connections to REC be AC-coupled, and that any external capacitor polarity take account of this +15V bias.
  • Path Gain, Output: 340 mV RMS (-7 dBm) at Tip/Ring produces 400 mV RMS (-5.7 dBm) nominal at AUX I/O.
  • For reference, saturation on the phone line is 0 dBm, and maximum sustained signal generally allowable is about -9 dBm (which is very loud).
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