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Article ID: 000051650
Date de dernière modification: 12/15/2021
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The audio volume ramps up when joining a conference via an entry queue on an RMX when called from a SoundStructure Device

The following issue has been reported and confirmed as a problem that when on-campus participants dial into the audio bridge from a SoundStructure device with an internal telephone card, they experience very low audio volume and have to strain to hear the auto-attendant ask for the conference ID.  After the conference ID is entered the audio goes to a normal volume.  This same behavior is not experienced by off-campus SoundStructure calls into the audio bridge. This behavior is only witnessed when Dial Tone Gain is set to a very low setting; Example -25db.
A 0db setting of the Dial Tone Gain should be the starting point for adjusting for dial tone volume in the local room and if 0db is too loud then decrease the Dial Tone Gain parameter, on the Telco channel page, to a Dial Tone volume level that can be heard comfortably in the local room and still allow for normal entry queue and conference audio volume level.  Example: Setting the Dial Tone Gain to -10 to -5 may allow the user to still hear the bridge’s entry queue message comfortably without the dial tone being too loud in the local room.  
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