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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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RPRM 10.1 or later and Polycom VVX Business Media Phones or Polycom Trio Heartbeat issue

Utilizing Polycom VVX Business Media Phones or Polycom Trio may show a Heartbeat issue when monitoring these phones via the Endpoint > Monitor View The Status may report the unit with a heartbeat issue:
This can actually have 5 different reasons. Possible Reason 1: A firewall is blocking the Telephony Event Notification message send from the phone to the RPRM or the Phone State Polling from the RPRM to the Phone. Non working example: Working example: Solution would be to check the firewall between the Phone and the RPRPM. Possible Reason 2: Weak Encryption setup on the RPRM end. Set the Encryption level on the RPRM end to Standard Ciphers via Admin > Management and Security > TLS Settings > Cipher Mode > Standard Cipher Possible Reason 3: Wrong Username or Password on the Phone end. Please ensure that the apps.statePolling.username or apps.statePolling.password on the phone end Settings > Applications > Phone State Polling has not changed from test.
Possible Reason 4: Phone unable to send Telephony Event Notification Using VVX UC Software 5.6.1 or Polycom Trio UC Software 5.5.2 or older when utilizing a FQDN as the Telephony Event Notification URL the Phone falsely converts part of the URL into an IP address after the DNS resolve and therefore cannot connect to the RPRM Error in the Phone logs: 1018190803|wmgr |4|00|Unable to send notification to  with error 51
  Possible Reason 5: The RPRM configuration set the Phone to use apps.statePolling.responseMode="1" instead of apps.statePolling.responseMode="0"