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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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RealPresence Resource Manager (RPRM) shows an error message: "A database error occurred while performing this action"

RealPresence Resource Manager - RPRM  shows an error message:  A database error occurred while performing this action
As long as the network settings and security certificates are operational, the last known good archive will return the RealPresence Resource Manager system to its former functional state.   ------------------------- Restore from a Backup Archive A user with the  Administrator role can  restore the RealPresence Resource Manager system using a backup archive. You can use the last archived configuration. The archived configuration will overwrite the configuration that resulted from  the First Time Setup. The only RealPresence Resource Manager system configuration settings not included in the archive and thus not overwritten are the network settings and the security certificates required for an operational system. When you  restore from a backup archive: Do not allow users to connect to the server during the restoration process. The system restarts when the restoration process is finished. To  Restore a backup archive: 1. Go to  Admin > Maintenance > Backup/Restore System  Settings. 2. In the  Select Archive File section of the  Backup/Restore System Settings page, click. 3. Select the archive file to upload and click  Open. 4. Click  Restore from Backup Archive. Two warnings appear about the backup process. The second warns that the process is irrevocable and may result in a usable system. 5. Click  OK. The system uses the archive file to restore the RealPresence Resource Manager system to the state of the backup files.