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Article ID: 000040697
Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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LPR (Lost Packet Recovery) enabled on a Group Series running or may cause degraded video & audio during a call. Also affects RPIS / Immersive Studio / Flex Immersive systems on these SW versions

If LPR (Lost Packet Recovery) is enabled on a Group Series a reduction in video quality is observed, especially when content is shared.
In testing it was seen to degrade 1080P to 720P, and 720P to the minimum HD resolution.
Sometimes this is not observed until content is started.
The Group Series will "throttle back" to a lower resolution setting, or start showing severe loss of video during a call.
Disable LPR (Lost Packet Recovery). Web UI > Admin Settings > Network > IP Network > Network Quality > Enable Lost Packet Recovery. (remove check from box) This issue has been fully corrected in the RealPresence Group Series 6.2.0 release, now available on the Polycom Support site.