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Date de dernière modification: 09/08/2022
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What is the maximum number of participants in the SIP audio locally hosted conference on Trio 8500

Customer's query: What is the maximum amount of participants in the SIP audio conference?   Also he wanted further explanation of the maximum participants how it is possible to extend the maximum participants range.  Mitel VM server in use
Question is regarding the TRIO 8500 running software version and registering to Mitel and the maximum number of participants possible in a locally hosted conference.
The maximum number is 5 and there is no way to increase this currently. If additional participants are required then centralized conferencing would be advised. In this case it would be handled by the Mitel server.
Details on the parameters related to centralized conferencing can be found in the link below:
If additional participants should be handled locally we would suggest speaking with your local Poly Sales Engineer who will be able to advise on a Feature Request and possible inclusion thereof in future software releases.
The latest software available for the TRIO 8500 is now 5.9.0AB and can be found here: