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Date de dernière modification: 09/08/2022
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Can you use Trio 8500/8800 & Visual+/Visual Pro for Microsoft Teams video calls?

Visual+ or VisualPro is overall not supported when Trio is using Teams mode (base profile).
In such scenario Trio can be used for Microsoft Teams as audio only solution.

Visual+ or Visual Pro is supported only in generic or Skype mode on Trio.
All possible usage scenarios for MS Teams and Trio are listed here:   Please note that different cameras can be used across different solutions. Please verify documentation.   It is advised for a customer to contact Poly sales representative or reseller to see what is the best option to utilize the current equipment by the customer and to check what additional hardware & licenses might need to be purchased.   Following link can be used for additional reference about "Poly Trio Video Solutions"

or possible ways to use Trio with MS Teams please see here: