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CT11/CT12: How to Switch from Pulse to Tone

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Can I switch over from pulse to tone dialing during a call on the CT12?

Yes. Some telephone companies use equipment that requires touch-tone dialing. If you need to enter touch-tone digits while your phone is in pulse mode (aka "rotary" mode), you can switch over to touch-tone mode during the phone call. To switch from pulse (rotary) dialing to touch-tone: You can make your call in pulse-dialing mode. Once your call connects, press the */TONE button.  Then enter the desired number. Those digits will be sent as touch-tone digits. Once the call ends, the tone mode will be canceled and pulse-dialing will resume. TIP: The touch-tone feature only applies when the dial mode is set to pulse. A group of touch-tone numbers can also be stored in a memory location (an account ID, number with extension, etc.), but this is referred to as "chain dialing."