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Date de dernière modification: 08/04/2022
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Blackwire C420/C420-M/C435/C435-M Firmware Release Notes (AA12/AA13)

Note: The following release notes refer to Blackwire 435 product IDs (PIDs) AA12 and AA13. You can identify your headset's PID using Plantronics Hub. To see the release notes for the Blackwire 435 with PIDs C032 and C033, please  click here.

To upgrade firmware for this device, upgrade to Plantronics Hub 3.9.2 or better.  Prior versions of Plantronics Hub will not be notified of an upgrade for this device.
Version 90
What's New
  • Improved mute synchronization reliability.
  • Implemented mute of sidetone audio when device is muted.
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Office Communicator R2. 
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed compatibility with Microsoft Lync running on a Mac.
  • Fixed transmit audio clipping and distortion issues.
  • Fixed an issue related to operation between mono and stereo modes.