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Y Training Cable Product Information

Y Training Adapter The Y training cable with Quick Disconnect (QD) connector enables you to connect two headsets to one phone or audio processor.  It includes a mute switch that enables you to mute either headset. The cable is 7 feet long and the branches to QD's are 9 inches. Compatibility This adapter is compatible with the following products:
  • Quick Disconnect  amplifiers, such as the M12, M10, M22, MX10, M12 LUCM, A20, and S20
  • Polaris and H Tops headsets*
  • DA series adapters for USB ports*
  • Avaya/Lucent HIC and HIP cables
It is not compatible with the S12 or any cordless/wireless products, with the exception of a CA10 with a 2.5mm to QD adapter cable. * The D261N Stereo SupraPlus Headset with Stereo DA45 USB Adapter has a 6-pin QD and does not work with the Y-training cable as it is a 4-pin QD. Y Training Cable Versions There are 3 versions of the Y training cable:
  • 27019-03 (Shipping) - is the current version and includes Part Number 62976-01, which is the latest version of the QD lock
  • 27019-01 (Discontinued) - included Part Number 29733-01, which is the older version of QD lock.
  • 88472-01 (Discontinued) Practica QD Y Training cord which is the older version of Y adapter for Practica QD headsets. 
If you have an older style of the QD connection, which were part numbers 21847-01 (for SSI) and 21847-02 (Supra), and had a flat edge rather than a semi-circle at the end, the Y cord for those versions of QD has been obsolete and is no longer available.

Spares and Accessories 
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