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Voyager Focus 2 Release Notes

October 2023

What’s new in this release
  • This release of Voyager Focus 2 software is a maintenance release with important field fixes.
Resolved issues
The following list provides information on resolved issues in this release
  • Pairing to a Poly Edge E550 now works correctly when both headset and phone are placed into pairing mode (FSR-008766/HSFWN-5109).
  • When turning ANC off, Penguin Russian voice prompted as "Active noise canceling On", when it should prompt "Noise canceling Off". (HSFWN-5074).
  • The time taken for the Teams UI to respond to a mute command from Voyager Focus 2 or Sync 20 connected via BT700 has now been reduced to less than one second. (FSR-008685/HSFWN-4963
Version v787_4266

May 2022

New Functionality
  • Add support for Microsoft Swift Pair.  For more information on this feature see
  • Music sounds better to you?  It does now with an updated equalizer setting for music

Resolved issues
  • Minor bug fixes

Version v644.3576

February 2022

Resolved issues
  • And you thought it couldn’t get any better? Oh ye of little faith, we’ve squeezed a few minor performance improvements in and squashed a few bugs
  • Fixed an issue where receive sound was lost intermittently

Version v610.3240

July 2021

Resolved issues
  • Improved transmit performance
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version MR1

May 2021

Resolved issues
  • Remove ‘pop’ noise when switching between music and telephony mode
  • Fixed distortion when headset wearer speaks loudly
  • Improve ANC at low frequencies
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version v473_2617
  • Initial Release