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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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CT11/CT12 Caller ID Basics

You MUST first subscribe to Caller ID service with your phone service to use this feature.
  From standby mode
  1. Press CID >. The summary screen appears. The screen shows the number of new messages and the total number of messages.
  2. Use the number keypad (2–9 and 0), ot the Up/Down arrow keys to view the Caller ID message list.
  3. PressTALK / FLASH . The displayed phone number dials automatically. From Talk mode 1) Press TALK / FLASH. 2) Press CID >. The summary screen appears. 3) View the Caller ID message you want to dial.
  4. PressSELECT / CH . The displayed phone number will be dialed.
Long Distance Calls and Area Code Setting/Cancellation While the incoming Caller ID information is displayed, pressing */tone will place or remove the prefix “1” in the display to set the call for a long-distance call, or pressing # will set or cancel an area code.

  Storing Caller ID Messages in the Phonebook/One Touch Dial Messages shown in the Caller ID list can be stored in the phonebook.
  Using the incoming call information (i.e., Caller ID list), the phone number of the party on the Caller ID list can be stored in memory.
  1.  When the phone is in the standby mode, while the incoming Caller ID information is displayed, press < SPEED.
  2. Use the arrow keys to choose “Store in PB?” (phonebook locations) or “Store in SD?” (One Touch Dial location). To cancel Storing, select “Cancel”.
  3.  PressSELECT / CH . You will hear a confirmation tone.

  TIP You cannot make a call from the Caller ID list if your phone is connected to a private branch exchange (PBX). When a long-distance call has been set, “1” appears in the display. If a call comes in via a telephone system that does not offer Caller ID service, no information is stored.

  TIP You cannot store a Caller ID message in the phonebook if a phone number does not appear in the message. You cannot set the Distinctive Ring or Speed Dial in this step. If you would like to set these options, edit the stored data. Even if the memory locations are full, the message will be stored in the phonebook, however, the message will be erased from the Caller ID List. If data is already stored in the One Touch Dial, the old data will be overwritten by the new data.