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Date de dernière modification: 12/10/2021
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USB Push-To-Talk (PTT) Product Information

Push-To-Talk amplifiers are available with USB interfaces for use in training simulators, VoIP and VR applications where digitalized speech and push-to-talk are required. Using standard Windows drivers, the PTT enumerates as button 1 of a game controller. The complete system contains 4 major components:
  • USB PTT and headset
  • PC
  • Host software application to "sniff and decode" the status of button 1 within Windows
  • Downstream equipment such as simulated radio
The models are:
  • SHS 2355-01 (mono): Uses a standard QD headset
  • SHS 2371-01 (stereo): Uses TA6 QD headset
Refer to documentation below for more information.