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M214i/MX500i Frequently Asked Questions

  Click here to view a comparison of the MX500i and M214i. mx500iandm214i.PNG Q: Should I use the USB adapter that plugs into the computer USB port instead of the 3.5 twin plug connectors that plug directly into the sound card? And, if I already have a 2.5mm headset, can I buy just the USB adapter? A: Unlike sound cards which can vary greatly from one computer to another, USB ports follow a computer industry standard. Therefore, they offer easier compatibility and, in some instances, a better sound experience. We do not sell the USB adapter separately because we recommend it specifically for the M214i and MX500i. These headsets have been optimized to reduce the risk of echo which sometimes appears with Internet calling applications. As a result, it is not advisable to just use any headset with PC-based Internet calling services. Q: How do I place Internet calls using these headsets? A: If you're using a PC-based Internet calling service like Skype or Yahoo, plug the 2.5mm plug on the end of the headset cord into the USB adapter, and then plug the USB plug into the USB port on your computer. If you're using a hard phone service that operates through a regular phone handset (such as Vonage), just plug the 2.5mm plug into the headset jack on the side of the handset. You may want to flip the microphone adjustment switch when you're talking to optimize your volume. Q: Are there instructions for optimizing my headset's sound on internet calls? A: Yes, these headsets will work with Skype, Yahoo, Google, MSN (now Windows Live) or any other Internet calling services. Both the M214i and MX500i feature a microphone adjust switch and volume control that allows users to adjust both talking and listening volumes. Q: Do I need a special phone or computer to use these headsets? A: The M214i and MX500i headsets are compatible with any cordless or mobile phone that uses a standard 2.5mm headset jack, and they can be plugged into any USB port on your computer using the provided USB adapter. Note: The M214i and MX500i come only in a single-ear design (monaural) and do not support stereo music.