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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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A10 Cable as a Direct Connect Solution

A10 Direct Connect Cable: Easily connect any Plantronics H-series headset to a headset-ready phone via the headset port with A10. Recommended for use in an environment with a mix of M22 amplifiers and direct connect solutions.* Allows H tops to be used in amplified and direct connect systems – and  reduces the risk that the wrong headset will be connected (Polaris on an M22 or H top on a U10P) which would result in degraded transmit. The A10 cable (66268-02) replaced the Polaris cable (27190-01). The A10 part numbers 66268-02 and 66268-03 are the same cable. When a cable (A10/Polaris) is installed into the headset port of some phones (For Example:Nortel T7316), the handset/speakerphone will be disabled due to the design of the phone. The phone may be programmed to prevent this. The A10-SQD (79678-02) replaces the Polaris cable on phones that need to indicate a "not available" status when the headset QD is disconnected. Polaris Headset Solution: Designed for direct connect phones, supports “rep not available (RNA)” functionality (when QD is disconnected rep is not available), and Speakerphone functionality, which the A10 currently does not yet support**. Polaris headsets are currently the recommended solution where the site’s corded compatibility is entirely Polaris direct connect. However, we recommend the M22 amplifier in most cases instead of the Polaris or A10: The main advantages of using a Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier are the audio enhancement algorithms embedded in its ClearlineTM audio technology, which reduce fatigue, increase productivity, and minimize data input errors as well as improve customer satisfaction. The Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier includes Clearline audio technology that provides numerous benefits, including:
  • Automatic volume control
  • Echo management
  • Incoming noise reduction
  • Outbound noise reduction
  • Protection against loud incoming sounds
  • Investment protection
  • Universal compatibility.
The M22 requires the 26716-01 QD coil cable to connect H-series headset to the M22. *refer to compatibility guide as the A10 should not be used if the compatibility guide calls for HIS, HIC, HIP, U10 (CIS) or U10P cable with H top. Otherwise using an H-series headset with the A10 cable is equivalent to a Polaris solution (with the exception of RNA support). **some phones will recognize that the QD is broken and either prevent calls from being sent to that phone or allow the speaker phone to operate if the headset button is pressed. With an A10 those phones will not recognize that the QD is broken and will continue to route calls/audio to the headset.