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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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APU-75/APU-76 Firmware Release Notes

Version 02.18

Whats New:
  • Fix for blending PC & Telephony on Savi 7xx working intermittently with APU76 talk button press results in link toggle.
Known Issues
  • Mute sync and volume control from the headset to PC are not supported by PSB (Plantronics Serial Bus) connected devices such as APU75.
  • As designed: With audio sense, streaming audio can be dropped by using the headset call control button.
  • A second press will restore it if dial tone is not enabled. If dial tone is enabled the user will get dial tone as well (stop and resume audio to restore).
Version 02.15

APU-75 firmware version 02.15

What's New
  • Initial release of product