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Date de dernière modification: 05/15/2021
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Voyager Edge Firmware Release Notes

Version 34
March 13, 2017: Voyager Edge/Voyager Edge UC Firmware Version 34

Resolved Issues:
  • Fixed an issue where languages other than English are not getting caller announcement voice prompts
Version 32
June 25, 2015: Voyager Edge Firmware Version 32

What's New
  • Compatibility with Apple and Android smart watches and Plantronics Hub mobile 
  • Compatibility with Plantronics Aware for Cisco DX series phones
Version 28
December 22, 2014: Voyager Edge Firmware Version 28

What's New
  • Improvements in sensor performance and reliability
Version 24
August 15, 2014: Voyager Edge Firmware Version 24

Resolved Issues
  • Headset will not charge when connected to the USB port of a PC running Windows 8.1
Version 23
July 11, 2014: Voyager Edge Firmware Version 23

What's New
  • Enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) for improved audio
  • iOS app auto install and auto launch feature
Resolved Issues
  • Auto-pause music function does not work when it is enabled after disabling smart sensors 
  • Headset auto-reconnects with phones if user removes headset, disconnects phone 1, and starts playing music in headset from phone 2
  • Headset voice prompts are not changed completely if changing language in Hub
  • Hub app shows 'not connected' if headset connected to Android or iPhone
  • iPhone mobile app announcement mistakenly appears again if headset is paired with iPhone, paired with another phone, and then reconnected with iPhone
Version 18
March 31, 2014: Voyager Edge Released. Firmware Version 18