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Date de dernière modification: 08/01/2022
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Voyager Legend, Voyager Edge and Calisto P620: Headset Will Not Charge via USB on a PC Running Windows 8.1

Some of our customers have alerted us to the fact that their Voyager Legend and Edge headsets and Calisto P620 speakerphone do not charge when connected to the USB port of a PC running Windows 8.1.  They encounter no issues when using the AC charger. The reason for this is that Windows 8.1 introduced new power management profiles, which can cause problems for devices that either charge or are powered from the PC USB port. 
  • Voyager Legend charging is affected when using the charging cable, the desk charger or the charging case.
  • Voyager Edge charging is affected when using the charging cable or the charging case.
  • The P620 is affected when connected via the standard USB charge cable.
  • Both products charge correctly via any of these methods with the AC powered USB adapter. 
Microsoft is aware of the issue and has published an article in their knowledge base that explains it further:

Poly has released new firmware that corrects the charging issues created by Windows 8.1.  The new firmware for the Voyager Legend, Voyager Edge, and Calisto P620 firmware can be downloaded via HUB app.
  • The new Voyager Legend firmware is V106.
  • The new Voyager Edge firmware is V24. 
  • The new Calisto P620 firmware is V490.