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Article ID: 000032134
Last Modified Date: 05/16/2021
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Voyager Focus UC Troubleshooting: Media Unmutes During Call

When I am listening to music streaming from the internet and receive a phone call the music initially mutes but then restarts after two minutes while I am still in the call.  How can I stop this?
The problem is unique to Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It does not occur with Chrome or Firefox browser. Plantronics engineering is investigating possible solutions but the root cause is in the interaction between Internet Explorer and Windows Sounds controls.  As a workaround remember to pause your streaming content during calls or try using a different browser.
Additional information:

Windows Sounds Control Panel has settings to manage media playback during phone calls.  The settings are at Control Panel > Sounds > Communications.  The controls provide several options (see image below).  The problem occurs when the option “Mute all other sounds” is selected.  This feature does not work correctly when streaming on Microsoft Internet Explorer.