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Last Modified Date: 05/16/2021
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APA-2/APA-20/APA-23 (EHS Cable): How to Install on an Alcatel Lucent Touch Phone

This procedure explains how to install the APA-2/APA-20/APA-23 EHS cable, which is compatible with the following Alcatel Lucent phone models:
  • Touch 4029
  • Touch 4039
Phone Requirements
The headset has to be enabled in the phone. To verify this:
  1. Go to Settings > Set > Plug into jack > Headset on the phone.
  2. Make sure the Headset checkbox on the main screen is unchecked. The phone then automatically detects the headset when it is plugged in.
To Install the EHS Cable
  1. On your base, set your compatibility switch and speaking and listening volumes to the following:
    Setting CS50/CS55/CS70/CS70N/ CS351N/CS361N
    Cable APA-2
    CS500 Series
    Cable APA-20 or APA-23
    Savi Office/700 Series
    Cable APA-20 or APA-23
    Compatibility 1 A A
    Speaking Volume B 2 2
    Listening Volume 2 3 3
      Image of Settings Image of Settings Image of Settings
  2. Connect your EHS cable to your phone as follows: