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Last Modified Date: 12/17/2021
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Voyager 4200 Office, Voyager 4245 Office and Voyager 5200 Office Base Release Notes

Version V438
December 2021

What’s new

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue where HL10 Lifter does not operate when used with Voyager headset and certain phone and laptop combinations
Other minor bug fixes to keep you and the headset awesome

Version V435

October 2021

What’s new

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue where Teams LED on base remains illuminated after disconnecting USB cable between base and PC
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version V431
August 2021

What’s new

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue where an existing call on Teams is taking place and a second incoming call on Skype for Business cannot be answered
  • Fixed an issue where the headset lost all audio on an active Teams call when a second incoming call on desk phone is ignored or rejected
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version V104
May 2021

Note – This release is on only for the Voyager 4245 headset (not the base).  Hence the firmware release number is lower than for previous releases

What’s new
  • Medium key press on mute button places a call on hold or resumes a call that is on hold
Resolved issues
  • Fixed issue where headset fails to power on after language update when docked in base
  • Enable HD Voice by default
  • Improved time to reconnect
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 333
March 2021

Resolved Issues
  • Added audio filtering to improve echo cancellation performance

Version 330
July 2020

Resolved Issues
  • Unable to pair the first headset to the base after pairing a second headset unless the base is power cycled
  • Restore to defaults now correctly set default line to desk phone
Version 323
April 2020

What's new
  • Change default line to PC interface
  • Update company branding in USB descriptors to Poly

Resolved Issues
  • Unable to unmute Skype for Business call on macOS from the headset

Version 229

What's New
  • Initial Release