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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Discovery 925/975: Multipoint

Both the Discovery 925 and 975 support multipoint technology, which enables you to pair and connect your headset with two Bluetooth devices. However, this feature is turned off by default.
To turn the multipoint feature on and off:
With your headset turned off, press and hold the volume and call control buttons simultaneously until the headset turns on and the indicator flashes twice. To turn the multipoint feature off, repeat the procedure above.  The indicator flashes once to indicate the multipoint is off. TIP: Click here for instructions on how to pair the headset to a second phone.
To initiate an outgoing call:
The headset initiates the call on the phone you most recently used. If you want the call to be sent through the second phone, initiate the call on the second phone itself. That phone should automatically send the call audio to the headset.
To answer a call on one phone while talking on the other phone:
To answer a call on one phone while you're already on a call on the other phone, the first call must be terminated.  There is no function for placing one call on hold while answering another call from the headset.
  1. Press the call control button once to hang up the existing call.
  2. Press the call control button again to answer the new call from the other phone.