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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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M1100 Troubleshooting: No headset audio after answering a call

Why can't I hear anything when I answer a call on my cell phone?
Basic Description This article pertains specifically to M1100 headsets that are paired and connected to one of the affected cell phones listed below, as well as to the Plantronics BT300M Mini Bluetooth USB adapter. The issue occurs after you make an outgoing Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) call using the headset connected to the BT300 adapter. If you receive an incoming call on the cell phone while you are on the MOC call, and you end the MOC call using the headset, then answer the incoming call using the headset, audio is blocked on both the headset and the phone. If you press the call control button on the headset a third time, it recovers the audio and routes it to headset. This issue occurs only with cell phones that support in-band ring. Product M1100 Cell Phone(s) Affected Nokia 6500s Associated Cell Phone(s) Affected
  • Nokia 5310
  • Nokia 6310i
  • Samsung E900
  • LG KP500
Resolution None Workaround Perform a single key press on the headset to recover the audio and route it to the headset. Steps to Reproduce
  1. Pair and connect to a cell phone and BT300M (firmware 07).
  2. Make a MOC call with the audio on the headset (routed through the BT300M).
  3. While on the MOC call, receive a call on the cell phone. Hear the ringtone indication on headset.
  4. Perform a short key press to end the active MOC call.
  5. Perform a short key press again to answer the cell phone call.
EXPECTED RESULT: The cell phone call is answered and audio is on the headset.
ACTUAL RESULT: The cell phone call is answered, but there is no audio. Basic Cause Specific phone issue Date Raised 30 Sep 2010