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Last Modified Date: 08/10/2022
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Calisto P210-M/P210-A: Troubleshooting

Calisto P210-M & P210-A: Troubleshooting Older version -  .Audio 1100M
Troubleshooting Dialing Error
In the event of a misdial when dialing from the handset, clear the memory by pressing the green Call/Answer Button followed by the red Call End Button. You can then start to dial again.
Resetting the Handset

In the event it becomes necessary to reset the Handset, complete the following:
1 Close Microsoft Office Communicator/Lync. ** (if using the P210-A version, MOC must be uninstalled)
2 Disconnect the handset USB cable from the USB port on your computer.
3 Reinsert the USB cable into the USB port on your computer
4 Restart Microsoft Office Communicator
  ** Please note: The Calisto P210-A is designed specifically for the Avaya one -X You cannot use this product for dialing purposes on any other Voice software other than Avaya one-X If you are using this product on a computer using MOC (Microsoft office communicator) and the Avaya one X application, you will not be able to use the dial pad