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Last Modified Date: 05/16/2021
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How to Purchase Spares and Accessories

How can I purchase spares and accessories?
Where to buy:
You can find a number of spares and accessories for sale on the Accessories page of our web site, as well as through our distributors:
What is the difference between a spare and an accessory?
Spare parts come packaged with the product. Accessories enhance the product's fit, form, or function; and can be purchased separately.
To learn what spares and accessories are available for your product:
Location of the Product Spares and Accessories List
  1. Go to our Knowledge Base. In the Search by Keyword box, type: "[product name] spares" (e.g., M100 spares), and then click Search.
  2. Click the link for the Spares and Accessories article. Note: If you do not see a Spares and Accessories article for your product, open the Product Information article, and then scroll to the Spares and Accessories section.
  3. The article provides hyperlinks to the purchase locations on our website or, if we don't sell the items directly, to our distributor list.