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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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MGC-100: New 450W Power Supply and Power Entry Module

Polycom has introduced, and is currently shipping two new components of the MGC100 product:
  1. 450 Watt Power Supply
  2. Power Entry Module with integrated circuit breaker.
These changes affect only the MGC-100. This document describes these two new components. New 450w Power Supply The MGC-100 Power Supply has been upgraded to 450W maximum output. The previous model was rated at 350W maximum output. The physical dimensions of the new Power Supply are unchanged so it will directly replace the old model in all MGC-100 chassis. It is OK to mix old and new Power Supplies in the same chassis. As before, the new Power Supply is not country-specific. The part number for the new Power Supply is PWR2013B. You can identify the new Power Supply by the silkscreen on the front. The old Power Supply was labeled “PWR” while the new one is labeled “POWER”. (See figure 1) The old Power Supply will no longer be manufactured.

New Power Entry Module (Chassis Revision) The Power Entry Module (where the AC power cord enters the chassis) has been changed from a fused-type to a breaker-type. The previous version used a 10A fuse integral to the Module. (See figure 2)

The new Power Entry Module has an integrated circuit breaker rated at 15A. (See figure 3) When the breaker is “tripped” it should switch to the 0 (off) position. In some rare cases, it may stay in the 1 (on) position. In this case, simply switch it to the 0 position and then to the 1 position. The new Power Entry Module will be incorporated into all newly-manufactured MGC-100 chassis beginning with revision G. (ASY1003G) F.A.Q. Q: Does the MGC-50 get the new Power Supply?
A: No. The MGC-50 Power Supply is a single unit of a different form-factor, and has adequate capacity. Q: Do I need a different Power Supply for systems in different Countries?
A: No. The same Power Supply will work in any MGC-100 world-wide. Q: What about the MGC-25?
A: The MGC-25 remains unchanged. Q: Can the Power Entry Module be upgraded in the field?
A: No. The Power Entry Module is not available as a separate unit. It is a subcomponent of the Chassis assembly. All Software Versions