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Voyager 815/855: How to Replace the Ear Tip

Voyager 815/855: How to Replace the Ear Tip
When the ear bud fits properly, it should be sealed in your ear so that you feel a slight amount of resistance when you remove the headset from your ear. Tip: Try using different size ear buds on the headset and stereo plug in cable: do not assume that you need the same size for both ears. To remove the ear tip:   Gently twist the ear bud while pulling it off the speaker post. To install an ear tip: Press the ear tip onto the speaker post with the stem side of the ear bud facing downward. Where to purchase replacement ear tips: The soft gel ear tip kit (includes small, medium, and large ear tips) is Part Number 76776-01 and is sold by our distributors.  Click here for the list of our distributors, along with their web sites and phone numbers.