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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Computer Headset Troubleshooting: Headset not charging with USB charging cable

My headset is not charging when I use the USB charging cable or other USB chargers.
According to USB standards, USB ports provide a voltage of 5 VDC ± 5%; however, this voltage is only available under certain operating states of the computer. Note that if a computer is configured to go into Standby, Sleep Mode, or Hibernate, the computer will not deliver a voltage to the USB Ports while in these power-preservation states. This is a common condition in laptop computers where battery power conservation is important. New computers have these settings enabled. Click Start > Control Panel > Power Options to view your computer's power settings. If the laptop turns itself off because of a low battery condition, it will not deliver power to the USB ports. The computer states of Standby, Sleep Mode, and Hibernate are independent settings that apply whether or not the laptop is being charged through external power source. Note that:
  • USB hubs depend on the host computer states to determine their voltage states.
  • USB ports in a laptop docking station require the laptop be inserted and turned on to deliver voltage to the docking station USB ports.
Resolution: Foremost, the computer must be awake to provide voltage to the USB ports. If the USB charging cable does not indicate power, and the light on the headset does not indicate it is charging, there is no way to know if the headset is being charged except by observing that the computer is awake. Refer to the headset's User Guide for specific charging indications and information. You may want to use an alternate means of charging such as an AC adapter, or the headset's charging base (if applicable). Tips:
  • It is best to turn the Headset off while being recharged – this reduces charge time while conserving energy.
  • It is strongly advised to plan charging while the computer is in the awake state.
  • Charge the headset while not in use.
  • Change the computer Standby, Sleep Mode, or Hibernate settings to allow for sufficient charge time according to the headset User Guide or disable these settings completely.
  • Make sure the computer has sufficient battery power to stay awake while the headset is charging.