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Article ID: 000027568
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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DA70/DA80 Troubleshooting: Low Receive Volume When Using Older H-Series Headsets

Why do I get low receive volume when using H-series headsets other than Encore Pro 500 series with my DA70 and DA80?  
The DA70 and DA80 are shipped with the default audio settings programmed for the new EncorePro 500 series. These settings can be changed by installing Hub and then turning off limiting and setting headset type to “other”. A tool is now available which allows those with an older Plantronics headset to change the DA70/DA80 audio settings to meet the acoustic properties of the headset. The tool can also be used to set other settings, like the Daily Noise Exposure Limiting (TWA) setting. Although the tool may be installed and run on an individual system, it is intended typically to be pushed by IT to a group of client systems using standard IT distribution tools. 

Note: This tool is available for IT departments through the Plantronics Technical Assistance Center and Sales Engineering department only.