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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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RealPresence Group Series 700 Power supply failures in high heat conditions.

There is a known issue where the power supplies in the Group Series 700's will fail when exposed to high heat conditions for long periods of time. The operating specifications of the Group Series 700 call for an operating environment of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). If a Group Series 700 is continuously operated in conditions at, near or above these temperatures the power supply on the Group Series 700 will eventually fail.  The failure usually occurs when there is a full power cycle of the AC power supplied to the Group Series 700, such as a building power failure or pulling the power plug. The in-rush surge of the power being re-applied causes the overload of the surge capacitor. The systems usually show as the blue power light working, but no other activity on the Group Series 700 when the power button is pressed.
RealPresence Group Series software versions 5.1.2 and 6.0 have added variable fan speed control that will regulate the internal fans based on the internal temperature of the Group Series 700. Update: RealPresence Group Series 6.0.1 and later will have an option in the Web UI to switch the Group Series 700 default setting from Maximum Ventilation Mode (80% fan speed) off. This will reduce the fan speed to 30% when not selected.
This is located in the web UI under Diagnostics >> System System Log Settings >> Maximum Ventilation Option..
The new power supply is Rev. H.
In addition to the serial number cut in provided below, a change was initiated on ECO 16V-0730 to mark the codec and box label with the identifier “PS-H” to more easily identify units that have the Rev H power supply.  Please note that the change was instituted the week of September 15, 2016, so codecs built between Week 34 and 38 will have the updated power supply, but will not be marked with the PS-H.   Starting prime build serial number for Group 700 codec and Rev H power supply are in the table below:    
Serial Number Model PSU SN Assy_Time Part Number Description
82163444CAE7CW 2215-68141-001 K16320065 20-08-16 23:33:24 1465-62913-001 P/S,SATURN,350W,12V/12Vsb,3*5INCH