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Last Modified Date: 01/04/2022
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Poly Lens Desktop Release Notes

Version 1.1.10
January 4th, 2022
What’s New
  • Added support for Poly Savi 8200 UC Series
  • Added support for Poly DA70, DA80, and DA90
Fixed Issues
  • Various bug fixes and improvements 

Version 1.1.9
December 20th, 2021
What’s New
  • Added device information for remote controller for Poly Studio USB
  • Added wi-fi and lock status support for Poly Studio USB
  • Added camera view Acoustic Fence support for Poly Studio P15

Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed app crash when Poly Studio E70 is connected
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.8
December 7th, 2021
What’s New
  • Support for Poly Studio USB
  • Setup wizard that makes adding networked devices easy
  • Provisioning and WiFi settings are now available on supported networked devices
Fixed Issues:
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.7
November 8th, 2021
What’s New
  • Added Poly Studio E70 controls including pan, tilt, zoom, color correction, and tracking settings
Fixed Issues:
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.1.6
  • October 22nd, 2021
    Fixed Issues:
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.1.4
October 20th, 2021
What’s New
  • Added ability for Studio USB to pair to another Bluetooth device
  • Improved onboarding and app update design
Fixed Issues:
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.3
September 15th, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for Savi 7300 Office Series and Savi 8200 Series
  • Added Anti-Flicker configuration for Studio E70
Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Studio P5 and Studio P21 from updating
  • Fixed several issues around mute reminder customization for Sync 20, Sync 40, and Sync 60
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.2
August 23rd, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for Studio E70
  • Support for Voyager 4300 Series
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.1
August 2nd, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for the Voyager family including Voyager 4200 UC Series, Voyager 5200 UC Series, Voyager 6200 UC Series, Voyager 8200 UC Series, and Voyager Focus UC
  • Support for the new EncorePro 515 USB, EncorePro 525 USB, EncorePro 545 USB, DA75, and DA85
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.0
July 13th, 2021
What’s New
  • Redesigned the app navigation to make it easier to move about and explore all the fun features
  • Fixed some bugs and made some improvements around the Health and Wellness reminders
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.9
June 30th, 2021

What’s New
  • Ability to see weekly insights around call usage. To view these insights, navigate to Home -> insights. [Beta Feature]
  • Support for Blackwire 3300 Series, Blackwire 5200 Series, Blackwire 7225, Blackwire 8225
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.8
June 21st, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for Studio P21
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.7
June 4th, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for Sync 40 and Sync 60
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.6
May 21th, 2021

What’s New
  • Support for Blackwire 3200 Series
  • Soundscaping now pauses when a call comes in and resumes when the call ends
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.5
May 11th, 2021

What’s New
  • Added support for Auto mode on several camera control settings
  • Support for Voyager Focus 2 and BT700
  • Added more details to the device info and logs page
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.4
Apr 27, 2021

What’s New
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.3
April 1st, 2021

What’s New
  • To ensure the best experience, a new alert has been added for devices that appear in the app, but are not fully supported

Fixed Issues
  • Lens Desktop will now exit correctly if an installer is launched while the app is running (on Windows)
  • After login or log out, the workflow should now return back to the Home screen
  • Adjusted call announcements settings descriptions for Voyager 4210/4210
  • Updated descriptions around mute reminder settings to make them more clear
  • Fixed an issue with a power cycle message on factory reset for USB Cameras
  • Small UI enhancements to device settings pages
  • Improvements on product images and support links throughout the app
  • Improvements in-app message when updating device software including situations when the device has a low battery, is in a call, or requires a USB cable to complete the update process
  • Improved security and performance

Version 1.0.2
March 18th, 2021

What’s New:
  • Added new battery state for headsets and speakerphones

Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed an issue that caused a message to occur twice when updating the language of a device
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to expand support within Poly Lens

Lens Desktop 

Version 1.0.1
March 4th, 2021

What’s New:
  • Customize up to four unique camera configurations and save them as favorites.
  • Added support for secondary device info on the support pages
  • Added battery level status on the device overview page
  • Added support for Anti-flicker configurations for cameras
  • Added support for Poly+ network insights for Poly Lens portal.
  • Support for Studio P5, Sync 20 series, Blackwire 3210, Blackwire 3325, Voyager 4220 UC
  • Support for Microsoft Teams on Windows and Mac
  • Support for Zoom on Windows and Mac
Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed issues related to icon sizing and shadowing
  • Added loading indicator while restoring defaults
  • Unified the software update modals for consistency
  • Increased speed of camera controls
  • Fixed issues related to not showing a disconnected device as historically connected
  • Addressed rocket animation issue
  • Fixed issue around showing email as a name on initial signup
  • Addressed issue with Sync family product images
  • Fixed issue with name and description of setting Extended Range Mode setting
  • Fixed an issue that prevented BT600 USB adapter from updating from a custom software update
  • Numerous minor fixes

Known Issue:
  • For Studio P5, the camera may not respond to settings changes or software updates. In this case, power cycling the camera should correct this behavior.
  Version 1.0 
  February 11th, 2021 
  Welcome to Poly Lens Desktop, a single app for customizing and maintaining your personal Poly devices offering built-in personal wellness and device support at your fingertips. 
  What’s New: 
  • Single sign-on support with Microsoft and Google 
  • Helpful tips and feature overviews for first-time users 
  • Customizable hydration and vision break reminders  
  • Integrated self-help guides that include best practices around headset, camera, and desk ergonomics 
  • Personal soundscapes that include sounds of waterfalls, streams, and forests 
  • Inventory of currently connected and previously connected devices 
  • Visible mute status and device controls in the system tray 
  • Built-in notifications for the latest available device and Lens Desktop software updates 
  • When needed, support to update device software from a locally available device software file  
  • In-app customization of device settings including audio EQ, Poly Acoustic Fence, Poly NoiseBlockAI, and the ability to restore device to factory settings  
  • In-app camera preview with support for pan controls, zoom controls, snapshot, and grid overlay 
  • In-app configurations of camera controls including brightness, contrast, backlight compensation, zoom, and more 
  • In-app links to supporting device documentation including quick start guides and user guides with quick access to Poly support sites 
  • Device diagnostics info including the product ID, software version, serial number, and device logs 
  • Support for Poly Studio P15 

  • Poly Lens Desktop requires either Windows 10 (32 bit or 64 bit) and up or Mac OS X 10.14.6 and up 
  Known Issues:   
  • For best performance, especially related to call control, Poly recommends having only Poly Lens Desktop active and closing Plantronics Hub and/or Polycom Companion App so that they are not running in the background. 
  • On Windows-based PCs, when using virtual camera apps, such as OBS Studio or Nvidia Broadcast, access to camera controls in the Lens Desktop app will be unavailable.